• Paul Griffith

Top Three Books for Business Wisdom

Pushing for insight...what's at the core... Understanding and mastery are part of what pushes many forward.  Here are three books that I have found help in my pursuit of understanding.

A. The Hard Things about Hard Things - Ben Horowitz

This book sheds light on the CEO struggle natural and expected.  Great situational insight along with techniques to help CEO's and Operators carve their paths.

B. Traction - Geno Wickman

I'm confident in the EOS methodology.  This book provides both high-level and practical direction on how to structure and prepare for the struggle and enable great outcomes.

C. The Inner Game of Tennis - Timothy Gallwey

The message for me is practical observation.  I struggle with critical or judgmental observation which makes perfecting something harder than it really should. The insight for me is to observe non-judgmentally, see the desired outcome and let it be / happen.

In all three of these the common item is creating new paths and new ways of understanding situations.  I've had a way of doing things and that way has gotten results.  In hindsight those results were exactly what they needed to be for me at that time.  In my continuous need to grow and learn these books prescribe new ways of organizing and creating meaning. 

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